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FREE DOWNLOAD: Look Don’t Look

To celebrate our soon-to-be released album “Free Will”, we’re making our first album available as a FREE download. You can download Minibeast’s “Look Don’t Look” right here.



Minibeast will be playing LIVE THIS FRIDAY at the Cake Shop in NYC. We will be joined by Dyr Faser (Erc Boomhower and Thalia Zedek) and Platinum Vision (Matt Mottel and the boyz). You can see the Facebook event page here. Cakeshop

More Thoughts: Foundations of Minibeast’s Sounds

And the foundation grew. International (Brazil, Africa, the Mid East, sorry no Irish jigs or bagpipes), psych rock, dub and instrumental, hop hop, techno and turntablism…. techno, in particular really felt new at the time (there was always a bit of rock vs. techno war). The minimalist and reductive qualities were really attractive…. the Orb, David Holmes, Black Dog, DJ Spooky and Massive Attack are still favorites. Ironically, I was playing guitar in Kustomized at the time, which was as closet to “normal” punk influenced rock band as I have ever been in. I enjoyed my time in that group immensely. I have always planted unintended easter eggs along the way too. The Volcano Suns did Shriney and Malomondo. Kustomized did Le Geune. I even snuck one into Mission of Burma – The Mute Speaks Out. So, I guess was heading there for a long time!

Another incredibly important ingredient in the mutant stew: a disavowal of the pop music notion that music is irrelevant, or not “music” without a central personality or “voice” carrying or propelling it. The singer, lyric, story. Let me be clear. From Elvis to Dylan to Bowie to Nick Cave to Andrew Falkous (Future Of The Left) and a million more, this is a glorious and wonderful side of music listening that I would never give up. The point is that it is not the only one. There is so much music and sound that is amazing, precisely because there is no one yammering at you. No life story, no sentimental hogwashin’. The music does the talking. Pretty cool.


Thank you to everyone who supported this project, especially our backers. “Free Will” is now a fully funded project and we’ve started the process of making this album a reality. Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering is currently mastering the files and United Pressing is getting ready to press the vinyl. We’ve also been working on the cover art (based on Jay Hatfield’s drawing), which you can see below. We’ll keep you posted on “Free Will” progress both on this page and on our Facebook page.


The Sounds The Found Their Way Into Minibeast

Minibeast is about 40% of the way towards funding the new album Free Will! Not sure if everyone knows how Kickstarter works, but if we’re able to meet our funding goal by December 23rd then Free Will becomes a reality. If we don’t meet our goal, then we’re back to square one. I really appreciate the 48 Kickstarters supporters who have already backed the project and shared the word on social media. If you haven’t yet backed our new album, you can do so right here. 

There are certain records and artists over these past few years that I keep going back to. Some of the sounds on this list found their way into Minibeast and Free Will.

Massive Attack

Like zillions of others the Mezzanine record blew my mind. The steady narcotic drip of each song pulls you further into the dreamy black hole.

Les Baxter

This is THE exotica guy. He synthesized world music into a seamless [detractors would say colorless] stew that imagined all those throbbing rhythms in a super hi-fi technicolor welcoming way. It still sounds modern to me. It’s ambient and yet in your face [a very Minibeast notion].

The Contortions

As New York No Wave goes, sorta traditional [you can dance to it] but exploding Albert Ayler and James Brown into glass shards is my kinda tradition.

Fela Kuti

Nobody sounds like this man. It’s so complex and bone shaking simple at the same time. Ten or 15 minute songs that you do not want to stop. Got me to stand way back from pop/indie stuff and look straight at the rhythm. And no, I don’t wear those little drummer world beat hats.

Kenyon Hopkins

Killer bluesy soundtrack composer [Baby Doll, Yellow Canary, and many more]. Also made a bunch of records mixing evocative music with sound effects. Voices in your head stuff. Very ADHD modern.

The Monks

The beauty of chanting and repetition channeled through brutal garage rock. One of the best records in history.

The Orb

My first techno sound crush [90’s style]. Still flows like buttah. And the joy of vocal samples.


Conga bongo player in the 1950’s. Made records that sounded spooky as fuck.

Public Image

The first two records by these guys have always been a revelation to me. I saw them in Boston in the early 80’s. A completely deconstructed rock performance. Wobbles bass, Levene’s guitar, and a beautiful and honest fuck you to those who felt Lydon had no right to play in a band without Chuck Berry riffs.

The Fall

Nothing needs to be said here.